Video: What Does It Mean To Believe?

The word “believe” gets thrown around a lot when discussing the topic of “God’s” existence.
But what does one mean when they say they “believe” an Infinite Creator exists? Is it based on facts? Their own personal experience? A leap of faith without evidence?

Google and the world’s dictionaries trace the origin of the word “believe” to the late 12th century in Germany. However, the true source of the word is the Biblical Hebrew word בלב (Beh-Lev) which translates as “in your heart” which originated nearly 2000 years earlier.

In a world where Truth is hard to acquire and it is difficult to believe anything anymore, studying the depths of the word בלב reveals Hashem’s incredibly prescient message as to the best process of figuring out what to “believe” in. Studying the depths of Hebrew Aleph Bet and the words they compose, cast out the uncertainty that has reigned supreme for far too long in the minds of people, leading to anxiety, anger, and chaos. Knowing that an Infinite Creator exists and wants you to succeed is the most freeing knowledge one can attain. It allows one to focus on what is in their control and provides comfort in knowing that whatever is not in your direct control, is in control of an all-powerful being that loves you and wants the best for you.

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