Video: The Antidote to Chaos

Every human being has a hole in his or her heart that must be filled with an answer to the eternal question of, “Why am I here, and what is my purpose?”

Most in our society have chosen to fill that hole with an answer of a political nature as opposed to a spiritual one. While it is not impossible to have a productive political conversation, politics are inherently divisive and have the capability of turning into chaos where one side is just yelling at the other and calling them evil for daring to disagree.

We are having political conversations to help solve a deep-rooted spiritual/humanistic issue where people are uncertain about what “God” is and if He/She even exists. This is because so few have had the opportunity to let go of the preconceived notions of who or what “God” is that have been ingrained and forced upon them from childhood.

Thankfully, the Truth is out there and it all starts with the symbol א (Aleph) which symbolizes the true unity so many are seeking. Very few human beings have ever had the opportunity to see the Truth, the אמת, which is the Aleph Bet from א to מ to ת as seen on an authentic Torah scroll. When studying these ancient symbols through an objective lens, the way a little kid would; by noting each symbol’s shape, number, sound, letter, function, and more, one will come to their own conclusion that no human being could have created a system so deep and interconnected. The inevitable conclusion is that this system is a design of One Infinite Creator that has our best interests in mind, and wants us all to love and treat each other as the brothers and sisters we are.

We are all sick of the seemingly ceaseless division going on in this country. Perhaps a change in approach is the best way to go about trying to end it.

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