Our Mission

There is a large segment of today’s population who feel disenfranchised from Torah, Judaism, and Spirituality – even those with Yeshiva educations. The reason for this current reality is that the education system leaves students with many questions that should have been answered during their learning process. Kids feel forced to learn out of fear of failure rather than through the love, heart, and emotion that the Jewish education of the past provided. Torah is fascinating but is taught in a dull and rote way that comes off as a chore rather than a pleasure.

By focusing on ancient yet overlooked knowledge, B-Ahava creates content that sparks inspiration and leaves the viewer coming back for more. Strengthening the trust in the existence of One Infinite Creator and learning out of love frees one of the anxiety of the unknown and advances them into the light of Hashem’s Truth.   

Areas of Focus

Principles of Torah Learning