What Is Love?

The concept of Love coming from the Heart is an ancient one, and way older than the 13th century which is when the world’s dictionaries would have you believe the term “Love” was coined. Thus it is no coincidence that Biblical Hebrew, the most ancient language of them all, manifests that idea in the structure of the word לב meaning “Heart.”

Some may choose to say that it is a coincidence that the numerical value of the word lines up with the accepted compression to ventilation ratio for giving CPR to an adult (30:2), but the more one studies the language of the Infinite in its original form as seen on an authentic Torah scroll, the “coincidences” start piling up and the Infinite design starts to reveal the Truth that only an Infinite being could be behind something as deep, interconnected, and foundational as Biblical Hebrew.

That is the Truth but it can only be seen by letting go of preconceived notions and sitting down and seeing the אמת up close with an objective lens. Once one does that, falling in love with the beauty of the word of Hashem is inevitable which strengthens one’s trust in the existence of an Infinite Creator that loves you and wants the best for you. Stay tuned for more “coincidences” as well as a deep dive on each symbol of the Hebrew Aleph Bet, the אמת from א to מ to ת.

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