Numbers: Escaping The Matrix Of Slavery

The word מספר has a dual meaning of “to tell a story” as well as “number,” and happens to have the same numerical value of “Egypt.”

From the counting of the plagues, to the counting of the omer, to the various songs at the end if the Seder, among many other instances, counting is a repeated theme in the retelling of the story of the Exodus.

However, the most important number is One as the first step to “leaving Egypt” and freeing oneself from the Matrix is to realize that anything is possible because it is the One Infinite Creator that is in control of everything. One is both the smallest number and at the same time it is the all-inclusive unity that encompasses everything. God is One and God is All. (Stay tuned for more on Aleph א which delves deeper into this concept.)

Remember that, and you will never be a slave.

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