Manna: Hashem Gives Us What We Need

When wandering through the desert, the nomad’s primary concern is where they are going to get water and food from. In addition to giving the Children of Israel water, Hashem gave them Manna which is exactly what they needed. It is said that Manna tasted exactly what you would want it to taste like at that very moment. But where exactly did it come from?

The word for water is Mayim/מים because water comes from bodies of water (Meh-Yam/מים). Meanwhile, it is known that the Manna fell from the sky/heavens (שמים). When breaking down the word שמים, the phrase שם ים can be seen meaning, “out there is water.” The Manna and the Water came from the same place! From the Infinite Creator on His Throne in the highest levels of Heaven.

It is taught that those that worried, and woke up early to collect Manna actually wound up receiving less than those that had trust/אמונה that they would get the share they needed. This Pesach, let’s remember that all monetary success comes from Hashem and that even when things seem dire, Hashem has our best interests in mind and will take care of us because He loves us and wants the best for us.

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