Giving Life Is Love

A helpful way to try and understand what the Infinite Creator is and what His/Her motivation is is to look at God as the perfect parents. God is the perfect combination of male and female which create life when they come together as One in a loving embrace.

Giving life is accomplished through an act of love but is also done because parents want to have a vessel in which to be able to fill their love with. That is the same reason why Hashem created the world. Because the Infinite Creator loves each and every one of His/Her children.

It may not seem that way sometimes because we live in a confusing world with shades of gray. However, this world is also filled with beauty and when the time of Moshiach comes, we will bear a reward that is infinitely greater than anything possible in our world’s current state. Hashem’s infinite wisdom will finally be fully revealed to us and all of Hashem’s children will live in peace and harmony as One family.

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