All things ranging from the human body to the phone you are reading this post on are made of atoms. The reason you can see these things are because the frequencies of these atoms are vibrating slower than the speed of light. (Einstein’s E=mc2)

In essence, everything is composed of harmonic frequencies made of sound. The Torah says the Infinite created the world with speech (“ ויהי אור , Let there be light”). What is speech made of if not sound using words made of letters?

This is the true source of AbraCadabra (אבראכדברא), meaning “I create as I speak.” The Infinite One created the world with the Hebrew Aleph Bet. That is the Truth, the אמת from א to מ to ת. The more one studies these symbols, intersecting their shape, sound, number, letter, function and more, it becomes clear that no human being could’ve created something so deep, foundational, interconnected, and timeless. You will begin to see the building blocks of the design and the designer behind it all. A designer that loves you and wants the best for you.

Carrying this piece of knowledge with you from day to day leads to a happier, less anxious life as knowing that the things that are not in your control are in control by an all-powerful being that wants the best for you is the most freeing thing in the world.

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